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GG Amos has entertained audiences her whole life.. but she's made blues and the blues guitar her specialty for the last 33 years. 

Concert halls, nightclubs, roadhouses, restaurants, festivals, parties, wineries, weddings and wakes.. she's played them all.

She's known as a riveting performer and unique songwriter, focusing on the west coast blues style— a blend of blues, jazz, funk & latin elements. Her guitar playing and voice are both fluid and lyrical.
Soul jazz has increasingly become a
bigger part of her repertoire.

The "GG Amos Band" or organ trio "The GG3" are available for events of any kind.
If sultry, jazzy, funky, soulful blues or r&b are what you're looking for.. she will bring it!

Bookings and Other Inquiries:  Michael Vogel - Agent    CONTACT Here!


GG's new 10 song original album Content Under Pressure is in pre-production and fans can help support its development by contributing anything from $10 to $1,000!

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Sunday April 4     Gestalt    San Francisco CA     5pm - 8pm

The GG Amos Trio will appear Easter Sunday, 5pm at Gestalt bar in the heart of the Mission district, San Francisco. 

Joining GG on her guitar & vocals are veterans Parris Bertolucci on keyboards/bass and Randy Lee Odell on drums.


This smallish rustic and homey bar features a large selection of beers and wines. Pizza is also served. Pinball machines add to the ambiance as does Miles the sweetest dog!

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